The Different Types of Roofing Shingles

Many people especially homeowners are mostly concerned about knowing the different types of roof shingles after the effect of a harsh winter. In some cases, however, intending homeowners might want to know the different types of roof shingles they can use when building their homes while others intend to renovate their houses to add some value to it especially when they are considering a sale.

For persons considering the fixing of their damaged roofs as a result of the winter, it is important to do so as soon as possible before summer that brings rains, or even thunderstorms arrive. The different types of shingles and the roofing materials are briefly discussed below to serve as a guide for persons contemplating a change or repair of the roof shingles.

Roof shingles are available in different materials with each of the materials designed for various purposes, usually to be appropriate for the different weather conditions. The increase in demand for roof shingles and the creativity of manufacturers have also led to the design and development of different kinds of roof shingles having different looks and features to not only protect the house but enhance the beauty of the home. In making the decision to buy a particular type of roofing shingle, the functionality of the type of roof shingle is just one factor to be considered, as aesthetics also influence the decision of the buyer.

Asphalt Shingles

This kind of roof shingles currently ranks as the most commonly used in the industry. several factors have been attributed to the fame and acceptance the asphalt shingles have gotten over the years.

While some shingles are made with the organic base, others are manufactured with an inorganic base. Manufacturers that use an organic base for the asphalt shingles usually use paper, while fiberglass has been identified as the choice base for manufacturers that manufacture using inorganic base. The asphalt is combined with the base to make the roof shingles.

One of the features of asphalt shingles that have made it famous among homeowners and builders is its durability. This is in addition to the strength of this type of shingles that is reported to be able to last for a minimum of twenty years. The quality of the shingle is highly dependent on its thickness. Shingles are made of three sections or tabs as they are sometimes called, with each shingle having three tabs. The tabs are manufactured with roofing cement or tar to hold them down, placed to overlap the previous shingle.

Laminated Shingles

Types of Roofing ShinglesThis is another type of roofing shingle that has suddenly gained popularity in the roofing industry. The color and depth that comes with laminated shingles help to enhance the beauty of the house and give the roofs some character. Unlike asphalt shingles otherwise known as 3-tab shingles, laminated shingles give the roofs a 3-dimensional look.

The depth gotten from the laminated shingles comes from the manufacturing of asphalt shingles in various and staggered layers, giving a bit of a 3D look to the roof. The shingles can be easily mistaken for slate or cedar shake shingles when viewed from a far distance. The added features of rounded tabs and shadow lines give the shingles an expensive look, even as they are relatively cheap.

Slate roof

This is arguably the oldest of all roofing types especially as it was more common in the olden days. Its durability and ready availability were some of the features that distinguished the slate roof from other types of roofing. It, however, became less popular after people started complaining of how fragile it could be and the inability to procure the materials on a large scale.

Slate roof has gradually become very expensive in the market and with specials skills and expertise needed for the installation; its popularity has gradually faded away. It is, however, worth noting that if the roof is installed properly, it could last a lifetime with the average lifespan reported to be between a hundred and a hundred and fifty years.

Besides the durability of the slate roof, the classic appeal of the roof slate has made some homeowners and builders stick with it.

Concrete tiles

The list is incomplete without a mention of roof tiles, especially concrete tiles. As the name connotes, they are manufactured from concrete. Their versatility stands them out from other roof types as they come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Concrete tiles are also durable and tough and are built to last long with the ability to withstand tough weather conditions.

Even with the different types of roofing shingles mentioned, it is impossible to have a safe and beauty roof without Roof trusses.